One element of science that is often overlooked is that in addition to being a way of understanding the natural world, science is also an institution comprised of individuals who are making decisions about what questions to are important, what methods are valid, and how results will be analyzed. In popular culture, science is usually depicted as the process of revealing preexisting Truths about the natural world. Yet facts are produced by individuals who use tools and methods that structure what claims can be made…This is not to say that these scientific facts don’t represent truth about nature; rather, it means that the facts that are created are partial and contingent interpretations of what humans observe…[Thus] what scientists observe is often subject to what they already believe is true and is usually in sync with broader society’s culture and values.
Jill Fisher
'Gendering Science: Contextualizing Historical and Contemporary Pursuits of Difference,' Gender and the Science of Difference, p.3-4 (via socio-logic)


My dear friend and acclaimed reporter, Ayman Mohyeldien, has been ordered by NBC News management to cease reporting in Gaza and leave the territory for his co-correspondent Richard Engel.

You’re asking why this matters?

Ayman Mohyeldien reported from Gaza what no other foreign media correspondent would show. He reported on the humanitarian crisis within Gaza; the unsanitary conditions, the countless dying and dead children, the failing infrastructure within Gaza, and the things that we didn’t see in Gaza until he was able to show us…to show America. To understand his impact, one should only observe his Instagram account (@AymanM). He’s the only MSM reporter who’s showing the true brutality that’s occurring in Gaza.

Is it because he’s telling the honest truth, or is it because he’s a person of color? After all, they did replace him with a blonde, white guy.

Bring back Ayman, and let’s see some unbiased reporting; because you can’t talk about jailed reporters in Egypt when you have your own reporters completely shutting their voices on the air.




Shameless New York politicians savagely support Israel’s campaign of terror; protesters fight back
July 15, 2014

The clash in the Middle East came to City Hall Monday as New York politicians gave their support to Israel, while many more protesters surrounded them to condemn the support for Israel’s murder campaign.

 “Israel has been forced to defend itself against a campaign of hundreds and hundreds of rockets aimed at its civilian population,” said Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-Manhattan and Brooklyn). “We must…stand shoulder to shoulder with Israel and in support of Israel’s right to defend itself, and to take whatever measures she deems necessary to defend her population against the attempted murder of these terrorists.”

As the pols spoke, more than a hundred pro-Palestinian protesters gathered at gates on all sides of City Hall and shouted over them, chanting “Shame on you” at the elected officials and “Stop bombing Gaza now.”

Rep. Charles Rangel (D-Manhattan) tried to deflect blame to Hamas.

“The people outside protesting are protesting because…innocent Palestinian civilians have been killed. It would seem to me that the protests should be with Hamas,” he said, blaming the group for the mounting death toll as Israel has targeted militant and rocket launchers embedded in civilian homes and neighborhoods.

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver criticized world leaders who have called on Israel to exercise restraint.

“I say to the leaders of the civilized world who say they have no stomach for war, who urge restraint, who are not living with the constant blair of rocket attack sirens: Wake up,” he said. “The savagery of Hamas and its kind cannot be tamed with reason.”

Israeli Consul General Ido Aharoni represented his country’s government. “We will not apologize for our right to defend ourselves,” he said.

Outside the gates, protesters said the elected reps do not speak for all New Yorkers, waving signs over the fences of City Hall and shouting “End the occupation now,” “Free Palestine,” and “Israel is a terror state.”

“Israel has been bombing non-stop, and children are dying, and women are dying,” said Upana Khan, 26, pointing out that the Hamas rockets have not killed any Israelis. “These people are blind to it.”

Gordon Beeferman, 37, carried a sign reading, “NYC Jews Say Not In Our Name.”

“I’m a New Yorker, I’m Jewish, and I find it painful what’s happening in Gaza. I’m very upset, and I’m here because I want people to know that not all Jews support the policies of Israel,” he said.“What’s happening is unconscionable,” he said. “What Israel’s doing is not going to help Jews, it’s not going to help Israel. It’s going to lead to more blood and more conflict.”